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A Question of Shape

More on proportions I have a small, rotating bookshelf in my office. On top of this bookshelf sits my recently turned item. Often I find myself sitting and staring at these, absorbing the various shapes. Why does this little box … Continue reading

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A Question of Proportion

Ok, why does one shape “work” and another not? This has been a topic of research for I don’t know how long. Great art seems to conform to the proportions laid out in the golden section or golden rectangle. Getting … Continue reading

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Box Elder, A Trash Tree

I noticed the branch while cleaning up some fallen limbs. Most of that wood went to the stove. But this section with the confluence of three limbs, I set aside. Yesterday I had a couple hours to wait while glue … Continue reading

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Tyrannosaurus Rex

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to hunt for an adequate excuse to be off topic. While this post is not about wood turning, it is one of those times. My 18 year-old daughter, Annette, will be spending a few weeks this … Continue reading

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More Juniper

I have spent the week on many things, including a little time for turning. During the interval, I have been studying the shape of the piece I posted last week, and have concluded that it is too much like a … Continue reading

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Robin’s Return

Up and Limping There was a song my mother used to play on the piano called The Robin’s Return, a sort of spring-is-here song. Well, I am announcing to the world “I am back!” My lathe and accessories went into … Continue reading

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