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Creativity, How Do I Get There

Creativity I want to be creative. I want to come up with new and original work. I want to prove I am an artist. These related desires are worthwhile goals. But how does one get there? Where is the roadmap? … Continue reading

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The Essence of Art

The Essence of Art This is the difference between the artist and a technician. The technician builds his skill to a level of proficiency and then enters business as usual. The artist is always being pitted against his limitation regardless … Continue reading

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What Is The Value Of Rejection

When someone admires the shape and feel of your work, when they have to come back several times just for the experience of picking up your turnings, you feel on top of the world. There is no feeling like it. … Continue reading

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The Space Saving, Double Layer Cabinet

Revising the Woodshop Laws I propose we call a congress of shop owners to pass a new law stating that shop space will grow to fit the tools. Under the jurisdiction of the old law, my tools expanded to fit … Continue reading

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