Ellis Hein has been involved in woodworking and woodturning for most of his life. He can remember standing watching his father turn furniture parts or turn hollow items such as cookie jars. He started turning on his own when big enough to stand on something to boost him to the right height to hold tools to the wood.

Hein is the author of a number of articles appearing in Woodturning Design, Woodworker’s Journal, and Woodturning. He is also the author of The Woodturner’s Project Book.

Hein lives with his family at the base of Casper Mountain near Casper, Wyoming. They live in a strawbale and earth-rammed car tire structure that Hein and his family built.

You can reach Ellis by sending email to woodturnedart(at)vcn(dot)com or phone 1 (888) 921-9595

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  1. Tom Ratcliff says:

    I paid for the cabinet plans but have never seen anything about downloading them.

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