Sit On These

My ancestors made and wore wooden shoes, so why can’t my chairs sport wooden boots? In our cramped quarters, collapsible furniture is a must. Folding chairs are not elegant, but they can be easily moved out of the way for cello practice or other demands for space. But the problem with folding chairs is the feet. These chairs are made from steel tubing with a slight crimp on the end. This means they go through the usual rubber caps in a hurry. In the past, I have been always replacing rubber caps. But now things are better.

Boot Up Your Chairs

Chair Boots

I have taken to turning wooden “boots” to put on the chair leg feet. These boots have a 1/2 inch thick sole and have a much longer life expectancy than the rubber caps. An added bonus is that they can come in any species of wood I choose. I am the only one I know of who has designer boots for folding chairs.

by Ellis Hein


About Ellis Hein

I am a woodturner and the author of The Woodturner's Project Book. I have a life-long interest in the gospel preached by George Fox and the early Quakers. You can see some of my material on that subject at
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