The Woodturner’s Project Book

The Woodturner's Project Bookl

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Introduction / Dancing With Your Blank

Chapter 1 / The Wood Lathe
Chapter 2 / Tools and Accessories
Chapter 3 / Sharpening
Chapter 4 / Seasoning
Chapter 5 / How to Turn a Circular Curve
Chapter 6 / Turn a Teardrop-Shaped Clock Body
Chapter 7 / Ball and Stick
Chapter 8 / Turn a Mushroom Box
Chapter 9 / Turn a Hollow Vase
Chapter 10 / Turn a Natural Edged Bowl
Chapter 11 / Canister
Chapter 12 / The Inside Out Vase
Chapter 13 / Turning Woods
Appendix A / Constructing a Center Steady
Appendix B / Jig for Mitering Lid Pieces

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