Having Fun

I have been thinking a lot about counterfeit recently. It seems that our world is ever ready to accept counterfeits of anything that has intrinsic value, such as marriage, friendship, and food. While something that only has value by convention, such as money, carries a stiff penalty to counterfeit. But something that can’t be counterfeited, by definition, is having fun. You can pretend to have fun. But you can’t HAVE fun unless the real enjoyment is there.

I recently cut down a boxelder tree that was shading my plum trees. Since I like plums better than I like boxes, I thought the acquisition of turning wood a fair trade for increased plum production.

Pyrographed Boxelder Vessel

Pyrographing for Fun

I turned a small vessel from the boxelder limbs and decided to incorporate some pyrographic designs just for the fun of it. I have seen some excellent pyrographic work and I have no illusions that this even approaches that level.

Fun was my goal and I achieved it. I also discovered boxelder is a good wood for pyrography. It doesn’t have a pronounced grain to deflect the pyrography tip, and a small amount heat produces a rich brown color.

Try this for yourself and see what fun you can have.

Ellis Hein, author of The Woodturner’s Project Book

About Ellis Hein

I am a woodturner and the author of The Woodturner's Project Book. I have a life-long interest in the gospel preached by George Fox and the early Quakers. You can see some of my material on that subject at http://nffquaker.org/profiles/blog/list?user=1zw2th7nj9p89.
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