Curiosity Did What?

What would happen if…?

Scrap Flooring Vessel

I don’t know of any discovery that doesn’t have an element of such wondering. It begins with an innocent question or perhaps what might seem idle curiosity.

I had some leftover scraps of 2 x 6 tongue and groove flooring on the firewood pile. One day, walking past, I noticed those boards and thought I could joint them flat, glue them together, and turn something. A few days later, while mounting that 5 x 7 inch, glued-up blank between centers, I again started wondering. How would it be if I mounted this on diagonal corners? Originally I meant to take some photos of gouge positions to produce the shape of a particular hollow vessel I was writing about. This seasoned, pine flooring would not let me work in the same manner as when working with a green limb. If I had done this bit of turning when I first used from that load of “seasoned” flooring, it would have been green enough! But now these boards had been in storage for five years. They were dry.

OK. Forget the photos. Flexibility is the name of the game here, when working with “I wonder what happens if…?” So I got a nice vessel, and I gotta take those pictures still.

Ellis Hein, author of The Woodturner’s Project Book

About Ellis Hein

I am a woodturner and the author of The Woodturner's Project Book. I have a life-long interest in the gospel preached by George Fox and the early Quakers. You can see some of my material on that subject at
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2 Responses to Curiosity Did What?

  1. Lynda B. Gaetano says:

    Wood still holds its mystery and beauty; even in various forms….

    • Ellis Hein says:

      Yes, I know of people who build turning blanks of all manner of scrap pieces. They make some beautiful things that way. I have never been much inclined to do that, but I might change what I do.

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