The Clean-up Crew

Today was one of those days. Little that I tried to get done in the shop worked. So when I had managed to get back to where I started this morning, I decided it was time to quit. I have to think up a way to joint short pieces on my jointer. And no I didn’t try to do it by hand. I have done some dumb things before, but not this, not today.

Grasshopper Vacuums

When I stepped out the shop door, I saw the wild turkey hens and chicks. So I took my camera and got some photos before they walked away. If they were any wilder, I would have to shout, “shoo” to get them to move away.


About Ellis Hein

I am a woodturner and the author of The Woodturner's Project Book. I have a life-long interest in the gospel preached by George Fox and the early Quakers. You can see some of my material on that subject at
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